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Come and enjoy the summer at Evenia Olympic Resort and Evenia Zoraida ResortWe include free medical insurance in your reservationTravel and save money with Evenia HotelsЗабронируйте сейчас билет на лето 2020 года!Забронируйте сейчас билет на лето 2020 года!Живите уникальным опытом

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Evenia Hotels
Evenia Hotels

адрес: Carrer Muntaner 401 entresuelo 1 08021 Barcelona
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At a time when awareness of the environment is increasingly important, as a company we must decide what role we want to play. At Evenia Hotels we believe it’s time to act and contribute in a small way to try to tackle the consequences we suffer because of global warming and pollution. And it is based on this commitment that Evenia Hotels wants to contribute actively, not only in a substantial improvement in the management of waste generated, but also in the awareness and education of sustainable tourism.
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Evenia Hotels is a hotel chain with more than 40 years of presence on the market. We have holiday beach hotels , holiday mountain / ski hotels, and urban hotels in the city centre.

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